One Heck of a Holiday!

...and another is on its way!!

So, while we're in the midst of contractors, electricians, plumbers, sign makers, etc. we managed to have a bit of our own 'Experience' for Thanksgiving.

With my son in from France for the holiday, my daughter and her fiance, and close friends we managed to have our own Michelin Star dinner in my home before we open our doors at Black Diamond Culinary. The day was perfect. Perfect wine, perfect food, perfect atmosphere. At one point in time, I looked around and realized that this is what I'm going to bring to you, my clients, my friends. This is what Black Diamond Culinary is all about. This is what YOU will experience. Laughing, great food, and memories made.

If you're lucky enough, my sommelier son, Christopher might be around to taste us through an amazing dinner!