Egg Curing?

What do you know about salt-curing eggs? Oh, you don't? Well let us show you how!

One 'fad' that is catching on is egg curing. Instead of your basic Parmesan cheese routine, you can amp up your dinners with a new twist! The process is super simple and requires a little patience. Cured egg yolks add an umami*, cheese-like flavor to dishes, much like grated Parmesan cheese. Cured egg yolks have all the richness of fine cheese, along with a salty tang that comes from the curing process. This is a perfect substitution for those that aren't 'cheese-lovers'. Yep, the horror! They're actually out there! Cured eggs give you a depth in flavor that you've never had before. The most beautiful thing about curing eggs is that you can make whatever flavor you'd like. From garlic and citrus, to red pepper flakes for a hint of spice, to bonito flakes and parsley. It's limitless!

Nevertheless, in our classes we'll teach you new options to dress up a usually otherwise boring dinner with a little pizazz! We're completely obsessed with this, and put it practically on EVERYTHING! We suggest farmers market eggs. They're richer, and are deeper in color than your regular supermarket varieties. Not to mention the taste. Who doesn't love an egg from the farmers market?! So you have your eggs, a flake kosher salt and sugar mixture, your choice of seasonings/flavors, and time and patience. These wonderful little orange discs of flavor are worth the wait. After roughly a weeks wait, you have a new alternative to spice up anything in your fridge. From soups to pastas, to salads. Didn't we say limitless?

Come and join us in a dinner class, and let us show you the ultimate experience!

*The only recently recognized (by western scientists) "fifth taste", after salt, sweet, sour and bitter - is a fascinating piece in the jigsaw of our gastronomic evolution.