Our Chefs

Kris LaFay McCorkle


My love of the kitchen began 

with my grandmother.

At the age of 16, I landed my first job working at an ice cream shop. When I was handed a pastry bad and told to decorate an ice cream cake. I was hooked! In the 80’s, at 21 I was working at one of the best bakeries in Memphis, then came travel…

I worked for a major airline for 25 years, all the while never losing my love for the kitchen. During this time, I met, and married a French pastry chef, and made the move to France.


Now retired from the airlines, I am enjoying a new venture. Teaching my love for great food, and lasting relationships. What I have learned and seen over the years has been complete and utter joy! Now, it’s my turn to give back by bringing people together to enjoy food, and life. It doesn’t get much better than that!


The kitchen table is a place where we can experience the best of what life has to offer. I’d love to have you, your friends, your family around my kitchen table for an exquisite glass of wine, and a full hands-on experience sharing with you my absolute passion. So why not join our classes for a little cooking experience like no other!


Welcome to my kitchen, and welcome to Black Diamond Culinary, An Experience.


My First Role in the Restaurant Industry as a Server eventually led to me ascending to a position in management through determination and tenacity. I was successful but unhappy, I wanted more. After years working in management I was ready for a change. Opportunity came knocking in the way of 1799. 

I started as a prep cook and quickly ascended the ranks in the kitchen. I immediately took notice of the tremendous amount of talent I was surrounded by in the kitchen and set my mind to becoming the other chefs' assistant in exchange for the opportunity for mentorship. Over the course of my culinary journey, I have been so fortunate to not have just one mentor, but a team behind me to help me learn and grow, working to build me up to my full potential. My mentors were not famous chefs, they were down to earth colleagues that wanted to assist me on the path to success and show me that passion was the most vital component to being a great chef because anyone can follow a recipe, but your attitude is a different situation entirely.

I genuinely believe that food is about communion and love. I'm so excited to embark on this journey with your friends and family and pass on the passion I have for the culinary arts with others. Join us for a class, it’ll be a cooking experience like no other!"